Jobs & Education

Jobs & Education Action Team Goals

Goal 1: Develop an understanding of all businesses within and surrounding Lonoke.

Goal 2: Identify the current Administration of the State of Arkansas’s plan for Economic Growth and Development.

Goal 3: Identify all forms of “higher education” and network to develop a strategic presence or pipeline to these institutions for Lonoke.

Goal 4: Identify strengths and weaknesses of the workforce within Lonoke.

Goal 5: Increase the incomes of residents of Lonoke to a standard much higher than residents of the “Delta Region” in the state of Arkansas.

 Goal 6: Develop an educated workforce pipeline for Lonoke and the region.

 Goal 7: Focus on and understand entrepreneurship to make Lonoke attractive for new business startups.

Goal 8: Expand educational opportunities in conjunction with local industries so that our students are employable upon graduation and foster economic growth in Lonoke.

 Goal 9: Improve upon the workforce ready education currently available and communicate what we are doing in the area of education to all stakeholders.

Goal 10: Recruit a technical school satellite location in Lonoke.

Goal 11: Develop agriculture and aquaculture programs through partnerships with higher education institutions, local schools and businesses.


Key issues to be studied: education and workforce development, entrepreneurship, small business development, and industry

Jobs & Education Action Team Working Discussion Board

Jobs & Education Action Team Working Discussion Board

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