Goal 1: Alleviate the flooding from storm water runoff that overflows ditches, streets and yards backing up sewer lines in Lonoke. Complete more research to determine if storm water runoff can feasibly be directed and retained for a fishing lake or to contribute to crop land irrigation.

Goal 2: Replace, improve, maintain and extend the water and sewer systems in Lonoke. Conduct forward thinking research on water storage capacity, the sources of safe drinking water that includes deep water wells into the Sparta Aquifer and a connection to the Community Water System and expansion of waste water treatment facilities.

Goal 3: Construct, improve and maintain city streets in Lonoke.

Goal 4: Develop a plan for replacement, repair and expansion of the sidewalks, walking trails and bike paths in Lonoke with an emphasis on American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, high traffic areas and connections to schools, city parks, day care centers, restaurants, centers of business and the church community.

Goal 5: Coordinate with other Action Teams to determine how to improve signage on I-40, connecting state highways and thoroughfares in Lonoke.

Goal 6: Complete a current assessment of existing and projected electrical power capacity and natural gas supply that can be delivered to zoned industrial sites in Lonoke to establish what types of industries can reasonably be served/targeted, and if new investments in electrical substations, transmission lines or gas lines are needed to connect Lonoke.

Goal 7: Engage in discussions with City of Lonoke officials to consider expanding the number of affordable street lights on the corridors that connect the City to I-40 (Interchange to MFA).

  • Key issues to be studied are: drainage, mosquito abatement, sidewalks and streets, water and sewer, and land use and planning

Infrastructure Action Team Working Discussion Board

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