Housing & Real Estate

Housing and Real Estate Action Team Goals

Goal 1: Designate neighborhoods for regeneration and organize a community clean-up for these areas. Work with the Lonoke Planning and Zoning Commission to recognize these areas and possibly waive building permit fees and alter certain codes to allow for more new construction.

Goal 2: Meet with CAPDD and other government offices to learn more about programs earmarked for low income individuals to repair their homes.

Goal 3: Set up a system and provide assistance to help low income families get the information they need to update and repair their homes.

Goal 4: Meet with developers on expanding existing subdivisions and seek out developers to invest in new subdivisions.

Goal 5: Work with the Lonoke brand director on marketing initiatives.

  • Key issues: new developments, infill development, affordable housing, and rental properties

Housing & Real Estate Action Team Working Discussion Board

Housing & Real Estate Working Discussion Board

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Your team leaders are Evelyn Bryant and Karen Dill. Click HERE to contact them!