Downtown & Retail Development

Downtown & Retail Development Action Team Goals

Goal 1: Transition the Downtown & Retail Development Action Team into a standing committee of the Chamber of Commerce, form a Downtown Merchants Association and focus on becoming a Main Street Arkansas community via the Arkansas Downtown Network.

Goal 2: Design a Master Plan that prioritizes strengthening connections between downtown Lonoke and gateway nodes via enhanced paths and signage.

Goal 3: Improve the pedestrian experience by creating greenspace in downtown, developing streetscape improvements (landscaping, street trees, ornamental lighting, banners and greenspace) along paths and at intersections, and increase walkability by extending and connecting the multi-use recreational trail and sidewalk system to downtown.

Goal 4: Develop partnerships to create a free Wi-Fi zone, offer reduced-cost fiber for downtown businesses and establish a small business/entrepreneur incubator or maker space in a vacant storefront.

Goal 5: Create an inventory of downtown Lonoke properties, complete with a database of owners and available spaces.

Goal 6: Develop a corporate office space in downtown for future industry located at industrial site.

Goal 7: Work with local realtors to market and highlight live/work units in downtown.

Goal 8: Highlight fine arts and work of local students/artists in galleries developed in empty storefronts. Also create murals, sculptures and other public art projects.

Goal 9: Promote retail development throughout the community that is complementary to downtown businesses and meets citizen demand.

Downtown & Retail Development Action Team Working Discussion Board

Downtown & Retail Development Action Team Working Discussion Board

  • Key issues to be studied are: placemaking, restaurants, entertainment, grocery stores, and shopping

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Your team leaders are Rick Pennington and Ryan Biles. Click HERE to contact them!