Beautification & Recreation

Goal 1:

Create programs and opportunities for beautification of Lonoke, including:

  • Establish “Adopt a Spot” with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Establish “Adopt a Highway” along I-40/Hwy. 70/Hwy. 31/Hwy.89
  • Establish “Wildflower Program” with sign to describe area includes natural prairie grasses and flowers indigenous to the Arkansas Grand Prairie.
  • Establishing “Let’s Paint Lonoke” project to include collaboration with Lonoke High School art students in painting murals/window fronts of downtown buildings.
  • Recruit local civic organizations to lead community improvement projects that require more significant repairs and painting and replacing awnings.
  • Initiate “yard of the month” or “business of the month” signs to encourage local involvement in beautification.
  • Focus on downtown beautification through the addition of plants, planters, hanging baskets, and other landscaping.
  • Purchase and install welcoming and seasonal light pole banners throughout downtown.
  • Work with City to get electrical outlets at light poles for future Christmas decorations.


Goal 2:

Enhance and extend existing walking trails, including additional lighting and signage.

  • Currently working to extend walking trail to the golf course and add lighting along old path and the new extension.
  • Seek grant funding to extend walking/biking trail further to the Lonoke Community Center.
  • Seek funding from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department for the construction of on-road and off-road trail facilities for pedestrians, bicyclists and other non-motorized forms of transportation, including sidewalks, bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle signals, lighting and other safety-related infrastructure.
  • Install bird watchers’ signage along walking trail and at Joe Hogan Fish Hatchery.


Goal 3:

Maintain and expand park facilities to meet the growing demands of the community.

  • Assess the existing park facilities and landscaping to determine improvement needs.
  • Purchase additional park equipment, such as splash pads, at Waggoner Park and Lonoke City Park.
  • Expand Lonoke Baseball Complex to the Lonoke Sports Complex to add outdoor basketball courts and soccer fields.
  • Add outdoor Olympic size pool for swim meets at the Community Center
  • Establish facilities and a mentoring program for the Lonoke Boys and Girls Club
  • Create a community fishing pond.
  • Install signage at Joe Hogan Fish Hatchery, Aquarium and learning center.


Goal 4:

Support arts and cultural activities throughout Lonoke.

  • Establish Calendar of Events for city website and local newspaper to encourage involvement in community events and programs.
  • Create opportunities for community sidewalk art and mural paintings by local artists and Lonoke High School Art students.
  • Build on and support new Christmas Parade and encourage citizens and businesses to “decorate the town” to include city parks and increase and improve decorations to the County Courthouse to draw in visitors.
  • Coordinate with local church choirs to establish a “Carolers on the Square” program during the month of December.
  • Inventory historical community assets for walking and driving tours, and establish tours of historic homes and businesses.
  • Revive Minnow Madness Festival and capitalize on being the Minnow Capitol of the World, while also including the wide varieties of fish (not just bait fish) representative of the local aquaculture.
  • Designate locations for a Farmers’ Market and Arts and Crafts Exhibit for local artists.
  • Establish Monthly Pickin’ & Grinin’ by local musicians or a Music Festival.
  • Inventory places of interest for Lonoke Tour Guide Pamphlet, Map and Wayfinding Signage.
  • Designate a Welcome Center to provide materials on places of interest.
  • Build a movie theater at the old Kellwood location.

  • Key issues to be studied are: beautification, bicycle paths and trails, parks and recreation, and arts and culture.

Beautification & Recreation Action Team Working Discussion Board

Beautification & Recreation Action Team Working Discussion Board

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