Action Teams

The real work of Kick Start Lonoke to generate IDEAS for inclusion in the Strategic Action Plan occured within the six Action Teams that were formed to address the top areas of concern indicated by the Lonoke Community Survey.

These six teams studied and developed IDEAS for short- and long-term goals to address:

1) Infrastructure

2) Branding & Identity

3) Downtown & Retail Development

4) Beautification & Recreation

5) Housing & Real Estate

6) Jobs & Education

How Do Action Teams Work?

Each Action Team is co-led by volunteers who possess an area of expertise and passion for the subject matter, and is driven by the work and ideas of neighbors who have chosen to invest their time to meet together and combine their energy to create and propose new solutions for our community.

The success of the Action Teams lies in inclusion and involvement of citizens from every neighborhood in Lonoke who are willing to express their perspective and let their voices be heard.

After concluding the IDEAS phase of work together, the six Action Teams are once again at work to IMPLEMENT the goals generated for the Strategic Action Plan!  The work of the Action Teams carries on as part of LONOKE 2022 – our next steps forward together.