With Ideas in Place, Lonoke Begins Implementing Strategic Action Plan

In May 2017, volunteers and leaders in Lonoke unveiled a five-year Strategic Action Plan for creating a more visible, attractive, and connected community.

This citizen-led initiative called “Kick Start Lonoke” concluded the idea-generation phase of the community’s work.

In October 2017, the work of implementing the plan will formally launch as “Lonoke 2022,” a nod to the five-year window of time associated with the plan’s timeline and the 150th anniversary of the town’s founding.

“Citizens from every neighborhood in Lonoke have been excited about getting to work and putting this plan into action,” says Ryan Biles, one of the several volunteers who have assembled to form the Lonoke 150 Executive Committee, a group of leaders guiding the process of implementing the Strategic Action Plan.  “Everyone has been asking ‘What’s next?’ and we are excited to launch ‘Lonoke 2022’ as our next step forward together,” Biles explains.

The first Lonoke 2022 public forum will be held on Monday evening, October 23, at 6:30.  Lonoke First United Methodist Church will host the community in the fellowship hall in a town-hall style forum that will explain the next steps ahead for the implementation process, and give the citizens of Lonoke an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

The program will conclude with progress updates from Action Team leaders and a question and answer session with the members of the Lonoke 150 Executive Committee.  The website Lonoke2022.wordpress.com has been set up to outline the process and work ahead, and to provide citizens of Lonoke the opportunity to join Action Teams and communicate with the Lonoke 150 Executive Committee.

LONOKE2022 LOGO-color


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