Governor Hutchinson Visits Lonoke to Unveil Strategic Action Plan

Nearly 120 people attended an outdoor ceremony in Downtown Lonoke on Thursday, May 18, 2017, where representatives from the Lonoke Chamber of Commerce, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, University of Central Arkansas spoke, recognizing the steps that have been taken to develop the Kick Start Lonoke Strategic Action Plan.

Photo May 19, 7 23 12 AM

The keynote of the event was given by special guest Governor Asa Hutchinson, who told the crowd, “I have always looked at Lonoke as a place of opportunity.”  The Governor outlined his keys to economic development, highlighted recent successes in the Delta region, and reminded the crowd, “How you brand your community and market [it] is very important.”  At the conclusion of the ceremony, Governor Hutchinson was presented with a new mascot for the Governor’s Mansion, the state’s new official goldfish, provided by Pool Fisheries.

The Strategic Action Plan has been published on the Kick Start Lonoke website, where it can be downloaded and viewed.  Hard copies will be made available at the Lonoke Chamber of Commerce office.

KSL Action Plan Cover

While the planning phase of Kick Start Lonoke has now concluded, the important work of the Action Teams will continue.  Throughout the summer, the six individual teams will meet to discuss specific steps for pursuing the goal statements outlined in the plan.  Stay connected with your Action Team Co-Chairs for more information to follow in the coming weeks.  Following summer break, Kick Start Lonoke will then launch the implementation phase with a special event and then resume regular public forums.

The Kick Start Lonoke Executive Committee wishes to thank the Governor and his staff for their kindness and taking time to spend in Lonoke.  A special thanks is also due to Lonoke Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director Hannah Harris for hosting the special event.

Photo May 19, 12 13 14 AM


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