Public Gathers to Hear Action Team Goal Statements

On Thursday evening, March 9, fifty-eight Lonoke citizens and gathered to hear goal statements presented by the six Kick Start Lonoke Action Teams in a town hall-style meeting.

Facilitated by Lonoke Chamber of Commerce outgoing President Adam Starks, the event featured presentations from each Action Team’s Co-Chairs, as well as two brief video presentations exploring the fundamental concept of knowing the “WHY” behind an effort.

The evening began with a short summary of Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and the “Golden Circle” concept.  Starks reminded the crowd that a community will only be able to support WHAT is envisioned, when it understands WHY it is has been created.

The introductory video may be viewed below:

The meeting then proceeded beginning with the Jobs & Education Action Team’s goals, presented by Michael Florence and Dr. Suzanne Bailey.  Those goals may be viewed at the website linked below:


Next, Evelyn Bryant and Karen Dill presented an update of the progress that the Housing & Real Estate Action Team has made, including the announcement of the Community Cleanup Day to be held on Saturday, April 22.  The draft goal statements for that team may be viewed below:


Photo Mar 09, 6 02 56 PM

The first half of the town hall meeting wrapped up with a presentation of the Downtown & Retail Action Team goals, linked below:


Following a break with refreshments provided by Lonoke Lions Club and Lonoke Assembly of God Church, the meeting continued, with a video of comedian Michael Junior illustrating his concept that, “When you know your ‘WHY,’ your ‘WHAT’ becomes more clear and impactful.”

Presentations by the Action Teams then resumed with Valena Washington and Lynanne Ivy unveiling the Beautification & Recreation team’s work.  Those goals are listed here:


Jason Dorsey and Terrance Clark proceeded to discuss the work that the Branding & Marketing Action Team has undertaken, updating the community on the progress that the Thrive graphic design team has made, and explaining how those deliverables tie in with efforts currently underway in the community.  Their team’s goals may be viewed on this page:


Lastly, the evening closed with a presentation of the Infrastructure Action Team’s goals by Gene Eagle.  With the involvement of the City’s public works officials, the Infrastructure team has created a statement of goals that may be viewed here:


Starks closed the meeting with a reminder that a period of public comment is now open for the public to provide input on each of the goals presented.  Those in attendance at the Town Hall had an opportunity to interact with and ask questions of each Action Team’s leaders and team members.  The draft goal statements posted online are intended to inform the community of the progress of each team and learn if any significant items are missing or require addressing prior to the final composition of the goals to be included in the Kick Start Lonoke Strategic Action Plan.

The public is invited to utilize the website to submit comments through the end of April.  Everyone is invited to engage further with an individual Action Team that reflects their area of interest and passion.  Action Team meeting dates are posted on this online calendar.

The Kick Start Lonoke Executive Team wishes to thank the leadership and congregation of Lonoke First Assembly of God for hosting the Town Hall meeting in the church’s new multipurpose room, as well as express gratitude to Lonoke Lions Club for providing refreshments for the evening.  Kick Start Lonoke has been successful through the work of volunteers and the partnership of stakeholder organizations like Lonoke Lions Club.  During the Town Hall meeting, it was announced Lions Club will be hosting an Earth Day Celebration on the grounds of the Lonoke County Courthouse and the Lonoke Library on Saturday, April 22.  The public is encouraged to contact Lion Bruce Edwards for information on how to participate and support the event.

The next monthly public meeting will be held Tuesday, April 11 at 5:30 pm at Gateway Fellowship Church.




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