Kick Start Lonoke Prepares for a Strong Return in January

On Thursday, December 13, over thirty members of the community met at the Lonoke High School Library for the December monthly public meeting of the Kick Start Lonoke Steering Committee.

This meeting opened with a presentation from Terrance Clark of Thrive Center, who is leading the Branding & Marketing Action Team.  Terrance prepared an overview of Thrive Center’s portfolio of graphic design work, a summary of their team’s community-strengthening efforts in Helena, and spoke about the process and deliverables that they have been hired to produce for Lonoke.

A copy of that presentation is linked HERE.

Following Clark’s presentation, each of the six Action Teams met separately to discuss progress toward the development of individual priorities and composition of goal statements.

A special thanks is due to Lonoke High School Librarian Mrs. Elise Hobson, Principal Sandi King, and Superintendnent Dr. Suzanne Bailey for hosting the December monthly public meeting.

In January, each of the teams will meet again independently prior to the next public meeting.  The Kick Start Lonoke calendar is updated with all of the Action Team meeting schedules.  The Steering Sommittee will reconvene for the January public meeting on Thursday evening, January 19, at 5:30 pm, hosted at the Wade Knox Center.

The Kick Start Lonoke Executive Committee is grateful for the participation of key partners such as the Lonoke School District and our non-profits, like the Wade Knox Center.


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